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iPod Contest -- The Coolest Photo
by justine (gypsycafe)
at April 15th, 2006 (02:08 pm)
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Hi international ipods! Ok, so it's the moderator here, and I've noticed this community has never really gotten up and running. A few people have posted some pictures of their ipods, etc., which is awesome, but we're not alive as a community, no?

Which is why I am proposing an iPOD PHOTO CONTEST. And no, this does not mean you can't enter if you don't have an iPod Photo.

Here's how it goes:
1. Take a really cool picture of your iPod. Like your iPod by the river, by a famous monument in your city, you and your iPod skiing, or even your iPod in a really cool place in your room. The idea is to make your iPod into scenic art.
2. If you need some examples, try going to iPod Lounge Photo Gallery and see what some other people have done. Anyway, that's the idea.
3. Post them here (if it's a large image, please use an lj cut).
4. At the end of the month, I will put them all in single post and you can vote for the picture you like the best!

Anyone game for this? Go for it!